Since 1992, The Grocery Bag Shopping & Delivery Service has been serving customers within the greater Portland area. Shopping at stores with only the best quality and prices, The Grocery Bag has always been praised for the personalized service they provide.






"Our goal is to get every item you want, as if you had gone to the store yourself."

- Martin Schneiderman - Owner

"I want my customers to feel as if they've gone to the store themselves"
-Martin Schneiderman - Owner

"We can't get along without him. It's an excellent service, We depend on him very much. He goes out of his way for us"
-Agnes Brendan/SE Portland



"I've used the The Grocery Bag Shopping and Delivery Service for close to five years and I couldn't live without it! This service is an absolute necessity for business professionals"
-Gabriella Kraft/Author